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We have developed a niche partnering with clients who have rebuilt, reshaped and/or restructured their departments. Taking into account the changing expectations of lawyers, the global changes in the practice of law and increasing scope of in-house legal functions, we go the distance to understand the chemistry of a department and what type of person will be right for long term growth and performance. We are happy to furnish references from general counsels with whom we have had long lasting relationships and who can attest that our value as a strategic partner is much more than just finding a person with the right substantive skills for a specific position.

Here are some of our clients and candidates in their own words.

“Judy and Robin have provided me with superb insight into the legal market on numerous occasions. When I was based in the UK and running a luxury goods company’s global legal team, Sage Legal Search, among other things, helped define and fill several unique positions, including US trained attorneys to be based in Europe and the first attorney to head up the company’s US operations. I recommend Judy and Robin without reservation – with a strong network, creative approach and excellent intuition, they add invaluable assistance to the hiring process.”

– Fred Mostert, London, UK

“Judy and Robin worked with me on my move in-house from a law firm. At the time, I had already received numerous calls from other recruiters. By far, they were the most hands-on throughout the process and gave me the most thorough and detailed analysis of the position and the particulars of the legal department, including – critically – the interviewers. I felt very prepared going into each round of interview because of the lengthy and deep conversations we had beforehand. Their advice and counsel on how to approach the different interviews as well as the long-term opportunities presented by the position were invaluable. That being said, because of their warm and conversant nature, our discussions were quite relaxed. I felt I had the freedom to open up about some concerns and questions that I might not otherwise would have wanted to address. Finally, Judy and Robin never pushed opportunities or companies that were not a good ‘fit’ – they were quite candid about their assessments of whether a particular opportunity would be worth exploring further. I know that I am not alone in appreciating Sage’s focus on this point, given that the interview process is a time consuming (and expensive) proposition for both candidates and employers.”

– Matthew R. Ayres, Chief Counsel, Pepperidge Farm, Incorporated

“When one of them calls me for a job, I know it’s a real possibility for me and will seriously consider what they have to say.”

– Steven H., New York, NY

“I have worked with Judy and Robin for over ten years. They have a thorough understanding of the IP marketplace and really work with you to find the right match.”

– Monica Richman, Partner, Dentons

“I worked with Judy for some years as an attorney before she became a recruiter and knew she would bring her enthusiasm, insight and integrity to the recruiting profession. I know that Judy and Robin are very discriminating in who they send to us, and do not send a parade of candidates who approximate but do not meet our needs. When we get a resume from them, we know we’ve got a serious candidate, often one we can move on. Their understanding of our legal and personality requirements, combined with their personal approach to recruiting, has produced high quality candidates who truly fit the position. Some of our best talent has come from them.”

– Peter Silverman, Partner, Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, P.C.

“I believe that I have a somewhat unique relationship with Judy and Robin in that I have been both placed by them and have used them to fill positions on my team. As a job seeker, I appreciated their timely and accurate feedback regarding the interviews and their endless support and “sage” advice during the negotiation process. Now, as an attorney responsible for managing a team of individuals, I count on them to supply only those candidates suitable for an opening on my team. The folks at Sage are not only skilled recruiters with an impressive database of talent, but they are experts in assessing the capabilities and personalities of those individuals and providing only those candidates with the right fit. As an employer, I have found Sage to communicate often, resolve problems and issues promptly, and represent my company in a totally professional manner. They truly enjoy what they’re doing and it shows.”

– Richard A. Friedman, Assistant General Counsel, Pfizer Inc.

“I connected with Sage Legal Search and many others as I conducted a selective search of senior legal leadership job opportunities around the country. I found Judy and Robin to be incredibly dedicated to finding the “right fit” for their clients. As lawyers they have unique insight into the skills and abilities needed for the roles they are filling. Sage, unlike many of their competitors, spends time talking to perspective candidates to fully understand what a perspective candidate is both looking for and has to offer to an open position. Sage’s commitment to keep candidates informed throughout the selection process stands out. After speaking to a search firm about a role, it is not unusual for that to be the last you hear from the firm unless the client selects you for an interview. Sage keeps you informed. They let you know if you have been formally submitted and keep you up to date on how the selection process is moving along. Sage’s commitment to both clients and candidates is what sets them apart from competitors.”

– Deidra L. Byrd, SVP Enterprise Chief Employment Counsel, Louisville, KY

“Robin and Judy really understand IP, and not just the soft stuff. It is a joy to work with recruiters who don’t waste your time with technologies that are off the mark – Robin’s science background, in particular, is an important plus to patent attorneys on both sides of the hiring process because the nuances here really do matter. They both are extremely generous with their time, even if it is unrelated to a specific search they are working. They are smart and they’ll be there for you.”

– Michael Scaturro, Long Island, NY

“Judy and Robin were both extremely helpful, providing direction and advice even when they were unlikely to benefit financially from a potential placement. They are honest, personable and conduct themselves with integrity. I expect to stay in touch for years to come.”

– Jason Howell, Seattle, WA

“Judy and Robin were wonderful to work with when I was exploring in-house roles. They came up with a great opportunity, provided thorough preparation, and were both highly professional and personable throughout the process. Though I ended up in a different role, the experience led me to reach out to them to help with my own hiring. They’ve been equally responsive and helpful in that capacity, with a demonstrated, in-depth understanding of the market.”

– Aidan Leonard, General Counsel, Off Grid Electric

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