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Sage Advice for Job Seekers

We’ve been on all sides of legal recruiting, including in your position. Here are a few things we’ve learned along the way.

To thine own self be true.

Figure out what would make you truly happy in a new position. Is it more client contact? Fortune 500 clients? A specialized practice area? An easier commute? A different work culture? Opportunity for advancement? A lifestyle change? A recruiter can help you open those doors – after all, recruiters are in the business of moving people. But you need to make sure that a move is in your best interest – so find a recruiter who listens.

It is equally important to find a recruiter who understands. At Sage, we work with you to clarify your professional goals and forge a realistic long-term career plan. Why? Because at Sage, we’ve been there – and we know that a long-term approach is a solid investment.

Get a little help from your friends.

Recruit your recruiter by seeking recommendations from friends and colleagues in the business. Most will be only too happy to share their good and not-so-good experiences. At Sage, most of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals. We don’t have to do a lot of advertising – our candidates do it for us.

Look for a recruiter who listens – and responds with sound judgment.

Many recruiters will tell you that they have “tons of great opportunities.” But are these opportunities really right for you? At Sage, we don’t waste your time with positions that are not a good fit. We’ve been in your shoes, and we don’t want you to wear them out pounding the pavement. We also won’t “paper” your resume all over town, a technique that can backfire by making your resume seem stale and overexposed by the time a genuine opportunity arises. Remember that throughout any search, a creative recruiter acts as your partner, refining goals, suggesting new directions and search parameters, and coaching and encouraging you when a promising position is found. At Sage Legal Search, we’ll provide objective advice to guide you through the search process and thoroughly prepare you every step of the way. And, of course, we will never take any action without your prior explicit approval.

Look for a recruiter who has clout.

With so many companies and firms posting their openings on websites or on job banks, does it make sense to use a recruiter? Yes, but only if the recruiter genuinely adds value. Finding a new position requires both time and luck. With Sage, employers know that our “short list” of candidates is thoughtfully hand-selected and screened, and as a result, they give our submissions the attention and respect they deserve. On occasion we may even suggest that a candidate submit directly if we think doing so might increase the chances of obtaining a position. Why? Because at Sage, our candidates of today are our clients of tomorrow.

Consider where your recruiter is coming from.

At Sage, we have been connected with the legal profession for longer than we would like to admit, and as a result, we understand this business from many angles. As former practicing attorneys, we have been on the receiving side of recruiter cold calls and are aware that they can be bothersome at times. We spent time as associates in big firms; we know why a move can be attractive. We switched firms and made the move to in-house. Having been through the process, we understand your issues.

We have also spent time on the hiring side, in firms as well as in-house; we know firsthand the dynamics of the search process. We’ve seen what works and have learned what doesn’t. Armed with this knowledge, we offer personalized and reliable guidance to facilitate your move with focus, vision, and relative ease. At Sage, we get it.

Look for a recruiter who appreciates the intangibles.

While greater income and prestige are often factors in a potential career move, we know that workplace style, professional growth and other intangibles are equally important. We are committed to helping candidates identify these subtle and somewhat more difficult-to-define aspects in order to ensure an opportunity matches their short and long-term career goals.

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