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Sage Advice for Employers

Having lived through transformative changes in legal practice and industry, here are a few things we’ve learned.

Hiring a new employee is a huge gamble.

In time. In money. In corporate morale. In today’s competitive economy, can you really afford to make the wrong decision? No matter what industry you’re in, your employees are your number one asset. Working with a professional recruiter is a fundamental investment in this asset, allowing current employees to focus on their core responsibilities while providing for future growth.  Sage Legal Search has the resources and wherewithal to bring your opening to the attention of targeted candidates and generate a superior pool of applicants in contrast to what an indiscriminate posting might yield.

The right recruiter increases your chances of a win.

Simply matching incoming profiles against a one-page job description is too speculative. Candidates’ job histories, education and related experiences may be primary indicators of their qualifications, but words on a page tell only part of the story. A savvy recruiter recognizes the intangible qualities that make for a good match. Is a new recruit flexible? Can she ride a fast learning curve? And how will he fit in with your corporate culture? These qualities and other vital details are not readily apparent in an imposing stack of resumes that may appear after posting an opening. This is where a sage recruiter’s unique combination of integrity, insight, and intuition comes into play – finding, vetting and presenting choice candidates. Of course, identifying the right candidate is only part of our job. A wise recruiter is also there to help close the deal. At Sage, we remain actively involved in the hiring process, communicating and contributing until there is an offer and acceptance.

Look for a recruiter who's been there.

Before becoming recruiters, we worked as lawyers with prominent firms, at a Fortune 50 company, and in the public sector. We understand the nuances of the legal practice. As such, we’re able to help clarify hiring objectives, prioritize a wish list of qualifications, and carefully screen and evaluate candidates appropriately. Having been candidate and client, we appreciate both sides, understand the importance of confidentiality, and value the time commitment and the significance of finding the right match.

Look for a recruiter who's flexible.

Some clients have the need and budget to keep a recruiter on retainer. And some searches call for more structured payments. Other clients prefer that we work on a contingency basis. Still others seek our help only with a specific function or aspect of their search. At Sage, we won’t shoehorn you into a specific way of working, but will instead tailor our services to fit your project needs.

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